About the Photographer


It all started when...

Yes this is me, When I was 7 years old my father handed me his camera while on vacation in Germany, that was the first picture I ever took. Dad loved to take photos everywhere we went and taught me many things about what to look for in a good picture, many years later he left me a really good camera and that started my love of photography. I took that camera with me everywhere until I dropped it one day and broke the viewfinder. Time to start over, after that I bought a decent camera and set out to learn everything that I could about cameras and how they work. Well, that was quite a few years ago and today is a different story. Today I don't want to tell you about how much I know or how passionate I am about photography, yes there is all of that but these days its all about the people that I shoot, and I love to shoot people '-' with a camera that is. I love Weddings, Families, Portraits connecting with the people that I get a chance to work with. Weddings are my favorite, seeing two people that are totally in love with each other, ready to make that commitment, it's a very special day and I'm there to capture everything that is about to unfold in front of me. I almost feel more like an invited quest then someone who was hired for a job, I love to make the couple and their family and friends feel at home and comfortable in front of the lens, to be themselves, I treat all my work this way but there is something about a Wedding that gets to me. Ive shot a little bit of everything over the years from Weddings, Families, Portraits, Senior, Pets, Formula races, other sporting events, Rock Stars, Landscapes and a little bit of everything else it seems, it's what I do...  Ive shot all over southern California. I run my business out of the beautiful city of Hemet California which  allows  me to cover all of So. Cal. I  have a wonderful family that I spend all my spare time with, I'm also a musician and love 'F1 'racing . Well there you go, I hope we have the chance to work together and make some wonderful memories.  951-216-8265   jindelt@gmail.com

Thank You -  Jeff Van Jindelt