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Best Friends

Best Friends

" Lets Talk, send me a message about your special day "  jindelt@gmail.com


the time is now!

the time is now!

" What some of my clients are saying "


Thank you Jeff for the wonderful and spectacular services at our wedding. If you are looking for a photographer with great skills and even greater personality, Jeff should be your choice. He worked with our schedule and made our experience pure joy. Weddings are stressful events but ours was as smooth as it gets, greatly due to the professionalism of our photographer. I would use his services if I ever need a photographer.

Soha S. January 30, 2017



Jeff was so much fun to work with. He broke us out of our shells and our pictures came out amazing !!

Julia M. November 6, 2016


Unfortunately we had to cancel our photo session with Jeff due to a family emergency the night before. Jeff was VERY understanding and even checked in on us to make sure everything ended up ok. That was above and beyond on his part, and so very thoughtful and appreciated. We will defiantly be calling on him again next time we are in the area!!

Calei R April 4, 2016


Jeff was just great to work with and generous with his time and talents! He was wonderful!

Jeralyn L. June 26, 2016


Jeff was a great photographer! So kind and was willing to meet us where we wanted. He spent an hour with my son and we got some amazing pictures! Highly recommend his services!

Stacy G. May 4, 2016


Great pictures he captured the moments very well.

Stirling H. June 26, 2016


As a photographer myself I was looking and looking for the right person to shoot my wedding. After looking through quite a lot of websites I found Jeff, His photography had the only pictures that I saw where the people looked real.

Zack J. May 16, 2017


Jeff is my go to photographer, he has shot three Weddings for our family, he is wonderful and knows how to capture the most beautiful moments. The best thing about Jeff is when he is there, I don't worry 

Jasmine D. June 24, 2017





Weddings  " Please contact me for pricing "

Engagement, wedding, reception.                                                                                                             we start with the engagement session, we go to a location of your choice and take beautiful pictures of the couple. i like to take my time and have the couple feel comfortable in front of the camera and have fun with it. the wedding and reception, you have me for the day so i don't have time limits, weddings can start late and run longer then expected, this is normal. receptions can run long and the last thing you want is your photographer leaving before the event is finished, ive been hired for this reason alone. it's your day and i'm going to be there to shoot it. i take hundreds of photos, i make sure that everything is covered. this is one of the biggest days in your life, you don't want to worry about your photographer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

every wedding is unique                                                                                                                                      on occasion i've had a client call me and tell me that their wedding and reception is only for a few hours. if this is the case call me and lets talk, every wedding is unique and we can figure out what works best for you. 951-216-8265

If the Wedding and Reception are on different days, and or at different locations, mileage fees may apply.

" You can contact me at anytime and we can talk about your wedding "            jindelt@gmail.com                                            

LDS Weddings

LDS Weddings are a little different from normal or more traditional weddings.

       As you know we cannot photograph the Temple sealing, or shoot pictures inside the Temple, so pictures consist of photos of the location, the Temple you are having your sealing at, Pictures of the couple coming out of the Temple and there guests, Family and group photos, Photos of the couple on the Temple grounds, and the Reception. This may also include nearby photos at a local beach or park. Includes travel from Temple to Reception.                                                                                                                                                                                             

" Contact me and we can discuss idea's for your unique wedding "  jindelt@gmail.com                                                                          


Single Person  $250.00   One Hour Session. feel free to have a change of clothing also.


Single Family (Parents and children) $300.00

Family Reunions (Grandparents, Children, their Spouses and Grandchildren etc...)  $500.00.

This includes group Family and Single Family shots. One to two hour session.

Senior Pictures

       Same as Portraits  $250.00.  This session is around an hour or so, I don't like to rush things, and please bring a few different outfits and even props, something that reflects your personality. These are fun sessions to do, so lets have some fun.

Other Events

Events come in all different shapes and sizes, please give me a call and let me know exactly what you are looking for  951-216-8265 and we can go from their.                                                       

Weddings and Engagement Sessions   " Please contact me for pricing "

Your Photographs

        All digital negatives " photographs " are carefully and artistically edited and color corrected. for weddings This process takes about a month to do. I take my time and go over every picture to do the very best that I can, Once edited photos are put up on our web gallery, Photos are ready to view, share, download, print and enjoy. Prints can be purchased from the gallery. This is a great way to print all of the pictures or print exactly what you want. It works great for family and friend also, they can visit the gallery and pick a few of thier favorites and have them printed from the same site. The photo house that I use is one of the best that I have seen, their print quality is fantastic, many top pro's use the same place for thier own photographs. Also if requested Photos can be put on flash drive or DVD's.

Thank You - Jeff Van Jindelt